Mechanical equipment operating procedures

Mechanical equipment operating procedures

First, the use of instructions
1. Any safety devices, guards, safety warning labels, etc. on the machine are prohibited from being stained, dismantled or destroyed. Natural wear and tear affect the operation and should be replaced immediately.
2. The operator must dress according to the regulations. It is strictly forbidden to wear loose clothes, tie, scarf, and hair.
3. When the power is not turned off, no one should touch the control box and the electrical equipment inside the electrical box.
4. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to touch the inside and outside of the cutter housing and the stuffing is shaken. Before starting the machine, check whether there are any foreign objects in each running part, ensure the cleaning of each part, ensure the oil in the cam box oil window, and prohibit the use of flammable. , explosive, cutting oil.
5. In order to eliminate machine failure or remove waste from machine operation, please stop first; some settings and adjustments need to be adjusted at startup, and must be handled carefully.
6. After each shift, pay attention to the residue of the gap in the mouthpiece must be cleaned. The closing machinery should be filled with lubricating silicone oil frequently. It is strictly forbidden to run continuously without lubricating oil. The chain and sprocket of the driving part must be lubricated once a month. oil.

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