General operating precautions for automatic packaging machines

General operating precautions for automatic packaging machines

Automatic packaging machine routine operation regulations
1. Check whether the compressed air pressure meets the requirements (above 0.6 bar) before starting the machine, and check whether the main components are intact, such as heating belts, scissors, and trolley parts. Also check for other people around the machine to ensure safety after booting.
2. Carry out the cleaning work before the production of the feeding system and the measuring machine to ensure the hygiene of the product.
3. Close the main power air switch, turn on the power to start, set and check the temperature of each temperature controller, and put on the envelope.
4, first adjust the bag and check the coding effect, and at the same time open the feeding system feeding, when the material meets the requirements, first open the bag making mechanism bag, and at the same time check the vacuum degree and heat sealing quality of the vacuum box vacuum extraction, that is, bag making After the requirements are met, the material filling is started and production is carried out.
5. During the production process, check the quality of the product at any time. For example, whether the basic requirements of the product including the vegetable silk, vacuum, heat sealing line, wrinkle, weight, etc. are qualified, if there is any problem, adjust it at any time.
6. The operator shall not arbitrarily adjust some operating parameters of the machine, such as the number of operations, servo and frequency conversion parameters. If adjustment is required, the length of the section must be reported and adjusted by the relevant maintenance personnel or technicians; in production, according to the actual situation In the case, the operator can appropriately adjust the temperature and part of the phase angle parameters of each temperature controller, but the group leader and the section length must be notified first to ensure that the various parameters of the equipment operation are controlled throughout the production process, and the stable operation of the equipment is ensured. Guarantee normal production and product quality.
7. If there is a problem in the equipment or the product quality is unqualified during production, stop it immediately and deal with the problem. It is strictly forbidden to deal with problems during the operation of the machine to prevent accidents. If you can't handle it or have a big problem, immediately notify the team leader to be handled by the maintenance personnel, and hang up the "warning, no boot" safety warning sign. The operator must work with the maintenance personnel to solve the problem and solve the problem in a faster time to resume production.
8. During the operation, the operator should pay attention to the safety of himself and others at all times, paying special attention to the safety of heat sealing knives, scissors, trolley parts, vacuum boxes, camshafts, measuring cup measuring cups, measuring machine mixing, conveyors, etc. And protection to prevent the occurrence of security incidents.
9. The operation of the operator's touch screen can only be touched with a clean finger. It is strictly forbidden to press or tap the touch screen with fingertips, nails and other hard objects. Otherwise, the touch screen will be damaged due to improper operation.
10. When performing machine debugging or adjusting the quality of bag making, bag opening quality, filling effect, small car show bag and bag, only manual switch can be used for debugging. It is strictly prohibited to perform the above debugging when the machine is in operation to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents. . When a relatively large fault requires debugging and when you want to open the cam box to adjust the cam or change the spring, you must first hang the "warning, no boot" safety warning sign on the touch screen of the machine operation. At the same time, anyone sees a safety warning. Cards must not be turned on at will, or the consequences will be at your own risk.
11. Each operator shall ensure the hygiene of the machine and the surrounding ground at any time, clean the vegetables on the ground and the machine in time, and shall not randomly place the film, carton and other sundries around the machine, and standardize the placement of unqualified products and plastic baskets of debris. Keep the site clean and tidy.
12. Clean the floor shreds at any time to keep the platform clean, and always pay attention to whether the conveyor belt is off-track. If the conveyor has a deviation, immediately correct the deviation to avoid damage to the conveyor belt.
13. After each shift, the operator must clean the equipment and clean the equipment. During the cleaning process, it is strictly forbidden to flush the equipment with large water or high-pressure water (except for special small water guns configured for each machine), and pay attention to protection. Good electrical part. After cleaning, ensure that there is no water left on the machine and the ground.
14. Before going to work every day, it is necessary to accurately count the consumption of each machine film and the total consumption statistics of the film on duty, and at the same time do a good job of the output of a single machine and the total output of the class.

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